Saturday, October 3, 2009

Gone back

So if you had not noticed I have been gone for A LONG TIME!! One whole month I was without a computer!! I know, what is a girl to do without a computer....ok clean my house, stay up on the laundry, make home cooked meals every night, read a ton of books, and the list could go on. I got alot done without a computer, but this is a whole lot more fun than cleaning and folding laundry :) Our computer had a virus and was getting fixed. Ok...I learned that I need to balance it...sometimes the time gets away from me and then all of a sudden your babies nap is over and all you have done was read blogs. :) Ok well not anymore!! So I am happy to be back though! The last month Chloe started kindergarten and Ella started crawling. Chloe LOVES school....she already talks about a boy she likes though....and I am FREAKING out!!! I want to send her to an all girl school...but I won't and could not afford it either :) I do not want her to be boy crazy but apparently she already this normal? When it is the weekend she is like I want to go to school to see the boy whom she refers to as her boyfriend...we will call him "Max." Ummm..yeah....I was like you should want to go to school to learn!! I really hope this passes and is just a phase because we have also had to have to talk that you are not allowed to have a boyfriend or date until you are SIXTEEN!! I know that might sound crazy, but she was running around telling EVERYONE that she has a boyfriend named Max and it was embarrassing!! :/ So Dan and I sat down and said No boyfriends until your 16....she said why and we are like because anything under that is too young. So Max is now her friend. Ok so off of that note....Ella is crawling...well scooting and sort of crawling....she is getting better using her hands. It is cute! :) Dan has been away this weekend for a men's retreat with church...he will be home late tonight...I am excited to see what happend. I went with Ella to the women's retreat a couple weeks ago. It was fun but it was hard to have the quiet time with God, when I had a 7 month old baby literally strapped to me the whole weekend. :) It was a nice time though!! Ok so that is all my ramblings!!

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