Monday, January 25, 2010


So Dan got a new job and I am now working part time...I am available 3 days a week. Which will be perfect because I do enjoy my job, but it was tiring working all the time. I am so happy to be at part time and spend more time with the girls, especially since spring will be rolling around soon. So I had surgery and was out of work for almost 3 weeks, and only had to work full time for about 3 weeks. Not too bad. I still have 2 more weeks working alot, but that is because I just gave them my new availability. So thank you God for being in our favor...also Dan is home and done with work by 7...which is WAY better than when he was working overnights. Also, Ella is almost ONE...crazy and it went by too fast. I am enjoying it all right now though, it is fun to watch her personality come out. Chloe is also doing really well. She has learned to read, and barely gets stumped on a word. She is SO smart!!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

A few things

I am so sad about what happened in is devastating. It is crazy how nature can be so wonderful and so horrible at the same time. I am praying for all the people effected by this, and also for all the volunteers that are there and going there to help. It is hard to just sit back and not be able to physically do much to help. On a side note, it is delurking day, which means that if you read this blog to comment on this post so I can get to know whoever reads. :) Also I read this blog and she had a wonderful post today on how to be in the moment with your kids. It was a great post and it really struck me and has changed how I want to parent. I try to be in the moment, but sometimes there are days we forget and are trying to rush and do too many things at a time. I appreciated the reminder. Well let's all be in prayer for this natural disaster, and all the people effected by it.

Thursday, January 7, 2010


So yet has been forever since I posted...Well anyways Christmas was very nice and relaxing for us...we got a bunch of snow and we played in it, it our new backyard and it was so much fun to have nice quality family time. We also went to my grandpa's on Christmas Eve and then on Christmas morning...our little family stayed home and opened presents from Santa (with the economy Santa got less presents than normal, but it was Chloe's favorite Christmas ever) and then in the evening we went to my parents to open presents and have dinner. So it was fun and filled with family, but yet we spent alot of quality time in between. Then on December 30 (my mom's birthday) I had umbilical hernia surgery. I needed it because of my happened from being pregnant. All of a sudden a few months ago, I noticed my belly button still stuck out...I thought that that was not normal and went to the doc...cause I had a feeling and sure enough. It did not bother me at all...I had no pain from it. The doc wanted me to have surgery anyways, more for can get worse with subsoquent pregnancies. So my parents already got tickets to take Chloe to the Beauty and the Beast my inlaws came and watched Ella. The surgery itself went REALLY well. I was really nervous that I would puke and or get really dizzy and sick...but I did NOT at all!! Which was a huge blessing, cause it has happened before and that is the worse part! So I came home and slept for like 6 hours then watched a movie with Dan and my in laws and the next few days were a blur...and then I did not need the pain pills anymore...but I still felt uncomfortable for about a week and now finally I am feeling better...thank you Jesus. I was really getting frustrated because I wanted to get back to normal. I could not clean or anything...which most would think was amazing...but I am sort of a clean freak...and I did not like it!!! Well since I started working...this surgery has been a VACATION...I have loved spending time with the girls and I also have been really sad that I do have to work. I really love staying home and I know I will not have to work forever...but it is still hard! This is not to make anyone feel bad or guilty...some moms love to work others have to do it to live...which is what I have to do...but it still is hard! Ella is doing so much new stuff everyday and she still is not at the crabby, tantrum throwing age it is alot of fun! Chloe is becoming such an adult person. She has her best friend from school, named Kayla and they both got each other presents for was really cute to see such a great bond. Chloe has such a HUGE heart, and I am so thankful for that. What more could you ask for? She always is thinking about other people. Well we had a good holidays, now back to the daily!!