Monday, August 17, 2009


So tonight my girlfriends and I, went to our friend Becca's house. We had a chill little get together, and it was MUCH needed for me. If you read my last post about Ella teething, you will understand. So daddy was up to the challenge of putting both girls to bed tonight. He took them on a walk and then put them to bed. They were really good for him, which I am thankful for. I really enjoy my friends and love them dearly! Thank you friends and husband for a much needed couple of hours!!


So yesterday was a TEETHING day...anyone with little children know what I am talking about. Ella was so fussy and nothing would make her happy for more than a minute or two. My husband worked all day until she was fast asleep. There was a span of three hours of just screaming. I could not go to the bathroom because even though she was screaming no matter what...she screamed EVEN louder when I put her down. She was so tired but would not fall asleep. The poor neighbors probably thought what was going on over there. Finally she fell asleep and I then had a HUGE bowl of ice cream to drown out my bad day. Today has been alittle better....she is fussy but not like yesterday. I have been trying to put her down for naps as soon as I can see that she is tired...because yesterday nothing worked once she got too tired. Well there is no teeth I will keep you all posted!!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Whoop whoop

So today is my birthday! I am 25 years old...I am so young, but I feel so old! Having a kid that is 5 years old, being married for 2 years and having a baby, makes one feel old. My birthday has never really been a big deal to me, especially since I have had kids. So I am not really doing much for it today...we will maybe go to dinner next week. This week Dan has been really busy with a huge job he is doing, so no big plans this week and weekend.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


So I can not believe that Ella has gone to bed at 6:30 the last night two nights. Yesterday we were at the pool for 3 hours, so I just thought that she was tired from that, but today we had a chill day of staying home and doing laundry and cleaning. (which was much needed) And she was getting tired and fussy at 5:30. So I gave her a bath and tried to keep her up as long as possible. (I did not want her to go to bed at 5:30) Then I fed her and she was out. So either she is going through a growing spurt or she prefers an early bedtime. I do not mind her new early has been nice to hang out with Chloe in the evenings.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Many more

This is now, all of us having a "fancy" tea party for Chloe.

Dan and I at our wedding. At the head table.

Our first dance as a married couple.

So today is our anniversary. Dan and I have been married for 2 years today!! I love him more today then even the day we got married. I think having a baby with him makes me fall more in love with him, especially since he is such an amazing father. I love you baby!! :)