Friday, December 11, 2009


So on Sunday I start my job at Target in the pharmacy. I have stayed home for 2 years now. My husband is self employed and the winter is his hard time...he has a seasonal business and he is starting off on his own this coming summer from splitting with his business partner. So this winter is a rough one especially starting a new business this summer. So I have decided to get a job. It is bittersweet. One of the only reasons I am ok with it, is that my husband will be staying home with the girls during the day and he is working overnights. So we will work opposite shifts so no one will be in daycare. (Not that there is anything wrong with daycare or working moms, this is all just my personal preference, also there is no way we could afford daycare on 2 children) I had to work for the first 3 and a half years of Chloe's life and it was hard for me. I get stressed out really easy and exhausted really easy so to have to work full time and be a mom, wife and everything in between is really hard for me. The one thing that will be nice this time is that my husband will do most of the cleaning, laundry and cooking so it will get done. Ella is now almost ten and a half months, so I was able to spend all her baby days with her...but I have never really been away from it will be hard to get used to not seeing her all the time!! I totally trust my amazing husband to do a great job being stay at home daddy...but he is really nervous because he knows how hard of a job it is to get it all done, plus take Chloe to and from school, naps and cooking. This is what we have to do in this season of our lives, but it won't be forever and I am excited for Dan to spend quality time with the girls. They all deserve that.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

5:30 am

So Ella has decided to go to bed at 5:30ish pm everynight...which is great...but she then gets up at 5:13am EVERYDAY. It is early...I have been struggling with know 7 am is ok...I can do 7...just not 5. Well this morning we tried putting her back to bed at 5 after I nursed her and it worked she slept...until about 7:30...ok, but in return of that extra 2 hours..she now will not nap. Usually she would take her first morning nap around 7:30 to 10...then her afternoon nap at about 12 to 2:30. Then she would go to bed at about 5:30. Well today that is not working...I have been trying to get her to nap all day...and finally she has now been quiet for about 2 minutes...we will see if that is real and will last...I hope so!! She needs to nap...ok so what is better a little extra sleep or some peace and quiet through the day...I think I like the naps better! :)

Sunday, December 6, 2009

WOW I am not that good at this blog stuff....I love reading blogs and I read some daily and I am really good at writing...I love journaling and usually have alot on my mind to write...but for some reason I just can't seem to update on here that often. It may be that I dont have alot of time or what...I think it may be because it is kind of hard to write down everything personal to you on the internet when you know that everyone can read it if they choose to. I am a huge people person and I usually tell everyone my business...but on here it is kind of hard to just let go and be completely honest all the time. So I am going to try to make a commitment and post something at least little everyday. So that is my december resolution...if there was one. :) Anyways...well alot has happened...we moved into a house that we are renting from some friends...but we can purchase it if we want to at the end of our its nice, it is kind of a trial. We feel really blessed to be in this house for Christmas and that we have the oppurtunity to live here. The house is really cute and we are settling in real nice. It is alot more space than our previous townhome...almost double the space and a fenced in yard that we love for the summer. Ok...on that husband has a seasonal business and he is now going on his own this coming up summer for the first time...and we both have to work through the winter, until summer. So he has an overnight job and I just got a job at a pharmacy during the day. We will be working opposite shifts for the winter and it will be hard but at least the kids will have one of us at a time and he will then get some quality time with the girls also. I really don't mind having to work at this point, especially since it is temporary. Ok...other news...Ella is 10 months old as of yesterday and that is CRAZY...time FLIES! I should have known having a 5 year old, but I guess you forget how fast the baby stage goes. I will post a 10 month old post coming soon. We set up our tree and Ella has not gone for it yet...crazy I know...I was worried about it for no reason. Ok well we are really getting excited for Christmas and we love this season.