Monday, May 25, 2009


So...I thought that Ella was all fine and that it was a dairy intolerance. Well I was wrong...she got really fussy again and NO ONE could figure her out. She was the mystery baby. Well someone mentioned seeing a chiropractor and I have heard that they can help babies. So I went and saw one. Oh boy...I am thrilled that I did. I saw a lady and she said that Ella's neck was tight and sore. She did a couple of things and voila...I fed her and she was great!! She is still doing alot better. We need to see a chiro two to three times a week as of right now. She also put her on a herbal supplement that should help with her enzymes in her tummy. Anyways...I hope and pray that she will finally be good and able to breastfeed. I really liked the chiro. I think our whole family is going to start seeing one. I hear that they are amazing and they are all about natural remedies. Which I love. I will let you know how it goes once we all see her and I will update you as to how Ella continues to do.

Friday, May 15, 2009


So there is a give away on a blog that I love to read daily. It is a mom with four boys and twin girls. Their family is adorable! Their blog is Check it out! Also I finally got my biopsy back from the mole on my shoulder I do not have cancer. Thank you Jesus!! When I went to the derm. and she did not think I had cancer I started bawling. Then Dan started to cry too! It was emotional. I told God I will never go tanning again!! :)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Just an update

Well first of all...I have the best husband. He fixed up my blog for me. He knows alot more about this kind of stuff than I do! He is great. Also Ella rolled over for the first time last night. She rolled from her tummy to her back. Her head went was loud. She was startled, like what was that. She only did it once, we could not get her to do it again. Well today Chloe has a field trip for preschool. They are going to a park and then to dairy queen. She is so excited. Oh and Dan has his first job of the season. It is a church parking lot. Calls have been coming in alot lately. I just want to praise and thank God for the work he is getting. Thank you Jesus!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Kids growing fast

So Ella is just getting so big, she is growing up so fast. It is crazy. She is lifting her head really high off the ground. She just started to the last couple of days. She is also sitting up in her bumbo, like a big girl. It is really fun to see her do more stuff and Chloe is enjoying it also.

Monday, May 4, 2009


So I think that the dairy was her problem. She has for the most part stopped pulling off of my breast while feeding and she cries alot less than she used too, while feeding. Also which was totally secondary, her face has no more baby acne which the lactation lady said would happen. My milk supply seems to be ok today and I just pumped like crazy the last three days, and drank tons of water. I pumped so much that, that was ALL I did for those days!! I am so glad that I can continue to breastfeed...If you ever have trouble or concern go see a lactation specialist. They are great!! Very supportive!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

No more Dairy

So we met with Jane the awesome Lactation Consultant...she said that I need to cut out dairy. She says that dairy is not good for anyone, but especially for little babies. It is just really hard on their digestive system. I have to supplement with formula to keep her eating while the dairy is getting out of our systems. Which can take up to two weeks. I have also been pumping galore, to keep my milk supply up. It is already diminishing, which I just have to keep trying. I love breastfeeding, I will try everything I can to keep on doing it. So if anyone has any advice to keep my supply up I need it. It will be hard to not eat cheese, and ice favorite dairy products, but whatever I need to do, I will do. I just hope that that is what her problem is.