Saturday, March 28, 2009

First mall outing

So today was a very busy day. Dan and I cleaned the house that I clean every other week, and the kids were at my parents house for that. Then we came home and got ready and went to the mall afterwards. We were there for so long and lost track of time. Ella did a good job, except we think that it was a little overly stimulating. She is not used to so many sights and sounds! Especially on a busy Saturday. It was a fun time though, with the whole family and we took Chloe summer shopping. So that was fun helping her pick out her new summer wardrobe!! She loves to shop! :)

Friday, March 27, 2009

Pics...figuring out how to work this blog.

My adorable little girls!
My amazing husband!

Me, babywearing!! I love babywearing!

A cute little smile! :)


So since we have had Ella, Chloe has been acting out alot more than usual. I know she is almost five and has been an only child for so long, and I have read alot of stuff on how to handle a new baby with your older child. It is just so hard to do what you have read and know how to handle it. When your sweet little child becomes extremely difficult and you know that they know right from wrong, it is very hard to ignore it and just let it go. I am trying so hard to do what is right and to be PATIENT, but sometimes it is so hard. We have tried giving her alot of attention, and positive reinforcement, but she will continue to act out. I am just asking God for patience for us and to give Chloe happiness and joy even though, for her it might be hard. On a side note, there is this blog that I follow, My charming kids. Her son Stellan is going through alot right now with his heart and having heart trouble. He is only about 4 months. I just ask if everyone could say a prayer for her family. She is an amazing women of God, and has so much strength in this horrible time. When I read things like that I am happy and so thankful that even though things have been tough with the new adjustment, I am happy that that is all I have to worry about, and that my wonderful children are healthy and awesome!! God bless!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Play Date

Today we had a play date with one of Chloe's friends from school, Serenity. It was a good time. I had to refree a couple of incidents, but over all it went well. They live very close to us so that is nice. Last night at small group, we discussed the corolation of feeling disconnected and relationships and sadness. I feel very sad and lonely when I am disconnected to people. Since I have found my awesome group of girlfriends, I feel very happy and joyful. I have a support system. I have someone to always go to for sad times, and my happy times. I have an amazing husband that I do all of that with him as well, but we all need our girlfriends sometimes. Especially during the day when he is at work! I also feel more connected to God when I have a support system, friends and my church. You have people to help hold you accountable. Bottom line....we all need GREAT friends!!

Monday, March 23, 2009


I follow this blog, My charming kids, her son who is a baby was sick this weekend and decided to take her son to the hospital. Well to find out his heart rate is sky high, and nothing is bringing it down. I just feel so much pain for this family. I pray that God will heal her baby and bring peace to her and her family. I am reminded how blessed I am to have two beautiful and healthy daughters. Sometimes we take our children for granted but we are never guaranteed anything or any day with our family and loved ones. I just love my children, and am so thankful to God that he has allowed my husband and I to have amazing children! Thank you!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Loving Life

Since my husband and I have chose to live our lives fully and truely for Christ, I have not been happier. I feel a real sense of joy and contentment that I have never really felt. Everyday that I wake up it is just a blessing and I am always trying to look at everything as a positive, which was really hard for me. I think lately I have really tried to do that, since I have had Ella, 6 weeks ago. She is just awesome and I am trying to not take any moment for granted because it goes by so fast. I am really enjoying motherhood with my four year old and 6 week old daughters. I want to blog as a journal for my thoughts, prayers, and so my children can one day read this, and for family and friends to be able to be updated on our life. Life is great!!