Saturday, June 26, 2010


It was Chloe's 6th bday yesterday. We went to Paint your Plate on Grand Ave, with my cousin, Rachel. It is also her bday that same day. Then we came home and Chloe and I ran errands for her party today. When we came home, there was a bad storm so we hung down in the basement for awhile and then we had our own little family party. She opened presents from us and we had pizza for dinner and then Dan surprised her with a DQ ice cream cake (my fave). She had a great day. Then today we invited all the girls from her class and a few from church. 6 little girls came, and we had a backyard BBQ and we put up the kiddie pools. The girls had a blast. This was Chloe's first friend party, she felt very special. Chloe, you are so loved by me, Ella and Dan. You are such a smart, bright girl. You learn things very quickly. You can already read any word or book that you look at. You also have a HUGE heart!!! You are very kind and loving. We love you and you are a great big sister! I will post pics soon of her bday.

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  1. Happy Birthday Chloe!!

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