Friday, March 27, 2009


So since we have had Ella, Chloe has been acting out alot more than usual. I know she is almost five and has been an only child for so long, and I have read alot of stuff on how to handle a new baby with your older child. It is just so hard to do what you have read and know how to handle it. When your sweet little child becomes extremely difficult and you know that they know right from wrong, it is very hard to ignore it and just let it go. I am trying so hard to do what is right and to be PATIENT, but sometimes it is so hard. We have tried giving her alot of attention, and positive reinforcement, but she will continue to act out. I am just asking God for patience for us and to give Chloe happiness and joy even though, for her it might be hard. On a side note, there is this blog that I follow, My charming kids. Her son Stellan is going through alot right now with his heart and having heart trouble. He is only about 4 months. I just ask if everyone could say a prayer for her family. She is an amazing women of God, and has so much strength in this horrible time. When I read things like that I am happy and so thankful that even though things have been tough with the new adjustment, I am happy that that is all I have to worry about, and that my wonderful children are healthy and awesome!! God bless!!

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