Thursday, March 26, 2009

Play Date

Today we had a play date with one of Chloe's friends from school, Serenity. It was a good time. I had to refree a couple of incidents, but over all it went well. They live very close to us so that is nice. Last night at small group, we discussed the corolation of feeling disconnected and relationships and sadness. I feel very sad and lonely when I am disconnected to people. Since I have found my awesome group of girlfriends, I feel very happy and joyful. I have a support system. I have someone to always go to for sad times, and my happy times. I have an amazing husband that I do all of that with him as well, but we all need our girlfriends sometimes. Especially during the day when he is at work! I also feel more connected to God when I have a support system, friends and my church. You have people to help hold you accountable. Bottom line....we all need GREAT friends!!

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