Thursday, April 2, 2009

Cloth Diaper

To cloth diaper or not...that is the question! I am so undecided on what to do. Cloth diapering is so overwhelming. There are so many different kinds...all in ones, chinese prefolds, pocket, one size, snaps or velcro. I am going crazy researching all the different kinds, then there are also so many different brands. I think that I would be a lot more able to make my decision and do it, if it wasn't so hard to choose. It is a huge investment, in time and money, so I want to make the best decision and then what happens if I become lazy and can't do it. Then I will feel bad that I spent all that money and did not use them. Well I still am not decided yet and I will let you all know what I decide once I know. I just keep thinking oh I will just use disposables and then I will stumble upon something that will talk about how bad they are for your child, let alone the environment. So I just keep coming back to that question!! Ok enough of my rambling. So Ella had her 2 month doctor appt on Monday March 30, 2009. She weighs 10.65 ounces and is 22 and a half inches long. She is about the fiftyith percentile for her height and weight. Bigger than her older sister Chloe, Chloe has always been at the tenth percentile her whole life. Still is at four years old. Well she had her vaccines, and I am not too sure still how I feel about those as well. It is hard to inject her at such a young age. I cringe just thinking about it. I guess once you have kids you realize how unnatural things can be. You just want the best for them, and for the rest of their lives. Right now you have the control to too make the best choices for their growing little bodies. Well, this is my venting on all the things I have been thinking about the last couple days. I guess I need to research some more on the topics I am undecided about. Well I need to go to bed, to be rested to play with my children tomorrow. So God bless and have a great weekend.

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