Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Doctors, doctors, and more doctors

So this week has been a pretty busy one. This last weekend we went out of town to La Crosse and Ella had really bad acid reflux. She is a great baby but this weekend she screamed and cried everytime it was time to eat. I felt horrible. I even called the doctor on call, which thank you God was her pediatrician. Well we went in to the doc on Monday to see what to do. She said to get an upper GI done. So on Tuesday at 8:30 am we went to the Radiology department at the hospital, and there is nothing anatomically wrong with Ella, and no reflux was present at the time. Which does not mean that she does not have it, just that it was not happening at that time. So well we came home and then today, she would not eat again. She was screaming. So I thought, well there seems to be not too much that her doctor can do at this point, so I called Lactation and have an appointment tomorrow at ten am, to see if maybe it is a postion or something that I can change to make it better. So I hope it is just an easy fix, I really LOVE breastfeeding. It is such an amazing bond with your child. I will try everything that I can to continue to nurse her. Well on a different note, Chloe had her first field trip today. It was at a bowling alley, she went bowling for her first time. How exciting! Also we are looking to rent somewhere different. So we have been looking at houses to rent this week. It has been one tiring week.

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  1. I am sorry to hear about Ella. Hopefully the lactation councelor can help.