Monday, August 17, 2009


So yesterday was a TEETHING day...anyone with little children know what I am talking about. Ella was so fussy and nothing would make her happy for more than a minute or two. My husband worked all day until she was fast asleep. There was a span of three hours of just screaming. I could not go to the bathroom because even though she was screaming no matter what...she screamed EVEN louder when I put her down. She was so tired but would not fall asleep. The poor neighbors probably thought what was going on over there. Finally she fell asleep and I then had a HUGE bowl of ice cream to drown out my bad day. Today has been alittle better....she is fussy but not like yesterday. I have been trying to put her down for naps as soon as I can see that she is tired...because yesterday nothing worked once she got too tired. Well there is no teeth I will keep you all posted!!

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  1. I am not looking forward to teething again with Emme. I feel like I just went through all of that with Noah...:( Good Luck. Hope Ella gets those teeth soon. Poor little girl.