Wednesday, August 12, 2009


So I can not believe that Ella has gone to bed at 6:30 the last night two nights. Yesterday we were at the pool for 3 hours, so I just thought that she was tired from that, but today we had a chill day of staying home and doing laundry and cleaning. (which was much needed) And she was getting tired and fussy at 5:30. So I gave her a bath and tried to keep her up as long as possible. (I did not want her to go to bed at 5:30) Then I fed her and she was out. So either she is going through a growing spurt or she prefers an early bedtime. I do not mind her new early has been nice to hang out with Chloe in the evenings.

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  1. How sweet. She is a beautiful little girl. I love the leggings she is wearing. We really need to get together. I want to meet your little girls.