Monday, January 25, 2010


So Dan got a new job and I am now working part time...I am available 3 days a week. Which will be perfect because I do enjoy my job, but it was tiring working all the time. I am so happy to be at part time and spend more time with the girls, especially since spring will be rolling around soon. So I had surgery and was out of work for almost 3 weeks, and only had to work full time for about 3 weeks. Not too bad. I still have 2 more weeks working alot, but that is because I just gave them my new availability. So thank you God for being in our favor...also Dan is home and done with work by 7...which is WAY better than when he was working overnights. Also, Ella is almost ONE...crazy and it went by too fast. I am enjoying it all right now though, it is fun to watch her personality come out. Chloe is also doing really well. She has learned to read, and barely gets stumped on a word. She is SO smart!!!


  1. How wonderful for you! It is so great!

  2. was just thinking of your earlier and praying for you! hope you're doing well!!