Saturday, May 2, 2009

No more Dairy

So we met with Jane the awesome Lactation Consultant...she said that I need to cut out dairy. She says that dairy is not good for anyone, but especially for little babies. It is just really hard on their digestive system. I have to supplement with formula to keep her eating while the dairy is getting out of our systems. Which can take up to two weeks. I have also been pumping galore, to keep my milk supply up. It is already diminishing, which I just have to keep trying. I love breastfeeding, I will try everything I can to keep on doing it. So if anyone has any advice to keep my supply up I need it. It will be hard to not eat cheese, and ice favorite dairy products, but whatever I need to do, I will do. I just hope that that is what her problem is.


  1. I know there is a supplement that you can take. Its called fenugreek. It is an herbal supplement. Talk to the lactation consultant first and she can give you a dosage. You have to take a lot I know and it makes your sweat smell like licorice.

  2. when I was hospitalized after my oral surgery, Dan only brought Madi to the hospital for about an hour a day (she was 3 months)so I pretty much dried up. I was cruched because I loved breastfeeding! SO I decided to start pumping every three hours and it worked, I completely restored all of my milk supply in a week. The more you feed the more your body will produce, so don't worry, just keep pumpming the amount you need to produce :)