Monday, May 25, 2009


So...I thought that Ella was all fine and that it was a dairy intolerance. Well I was wrong...she got really fussy again and NO ONE could figure her out. She was the mystery baby. Well someone mentioned seeing a chiropractor and I have heard that they can help babies. So I went and saw one. Oh boy...I am thrilled that I did. I saw a lady and she said that Ella's neck was tight and sore. She did a couple of things and voila...I fed her and she was great!! She is still doing alot better. We need to see a chiro two to three times a week as of right now. She also put her on a herbal supplement that should help with her enzymes in her tummy. Anyways...I hope and pray that she will finally be good and able to breastfeed. I really liked the chiro. I think our whole family is going to start seeing one. I hear that they are amazing and they are all about natural remedies. Which I love. I will let you know how it goes once we all see her and I will update you as to how Ella continues to do.

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