Monday, May 4, 2009


So I think that the dairy was her problem. She has for the most part stopped pulling off of my breast while feeding and she cries alot less than she used too, while feeding. Also which was totally secondary, her face has no more baby acne which the lactation lady said would happen. My milk supply seems to be ok today and I just pumped like crazy the last three days, and drank tons of water. I pumped so much that, that was ALL I did for those days!! I am so glad that I can continue to breastfeed...If you ever have trouble or concern go see a lactation specialist. They are great!! Very supportive!

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  1. Yay! I am happy for you Jess.
    I totally agree with the lactation consultant... Milk/dairy is so OVERRATTED, and it really isn't that good for us, dairy is hard for our bodies to digest (cows have more than one stomach)!
    Good for you for contnuing to breastfeed :)