Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Baby Wearing

So I LOVE to wear my baby. Ella LOVES it too! I am able to get things done and also able to hold my baby close to me. :) I have a baby Ktan and I love it. People always comment and make compliments on it. They want to know where to get one and how it works. This product is my favorite baby product that I have. Some people think that it will spoil her, but I do not think so. She loves to be close as do I, so why not. I won a New Native Sling on a blog that I follow and I am SO excited to try her in it. I think that the New Native will be nice for naps, because I can lay her down. The Baby Ktan is great for outings. It is really easy and quick to use so it is easy for outings. Ella loves to look around while we are out. The New Native looks like I will love it for home for the sleeping thing and when we are at home she is not as apt to look around. I love babywearing and recommend everyone with a baby to get a sling or wrap or both. I really want to try a mei tei also...but who knows when we will be able to afford another one. My husband has the Baby Bjorn and will wear Ella in that...but it is hard for long trips as it is uncomfortable after awhile. I love babywearing!! :)

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