Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Talk to God

So on Sunday at church our sermon was about talking to God. Asking him questions? It is so true...if you want to know what to do in a situation just ask. Sometimes I forget to ask and struggle with figuring out what to do in a situation and other times I doubt God. I doubt that he will answer. So ridiculous...right? I have got to get better about constantly remebering to ask him...I DO know that he will answer...it just might not be what I want or how I want him to answer. So with that note I will try to ask him and remember to talk to him regularly. Ok off that topic we are moving and we will start cleaning and painting the new place this week and hopefully start moving everything this weekend. I am excited, but there is alot to do. We have to clean the new place and the old place, I do not know how this is all going to work with two kids, and not just any two kids, one is a REALLY needy baby...I can not just drop her off with someone while I get stuff done. My friends have been offering to take both kiddos while we do stuff....oh how lovely...not...my babe will not go with anyone but me or her daddy. Also she LOVES to be held. Don't get me wrong...I LOVE that my baby needs me and wants to be with me all the time and to be held....it is usually ok, but it does make it hard sometimes....oh well. I know we will get it done it just might take awhile and it might be hard. :) Oh....this is where I would just go about my way and try to do it myself....but no...I am going to ask God to give me patience while cleaning and moving and to have Ella and Chloe be as easy as possible...ok I guess just to really give me peace and patience! :) Anyways...also we got Ella the excersaucer...Chloe LOVED the swing, bouncer, excersaucer...she loved it all...no not Ella...she is ok for a couple minutes but then wants to be held. Well with the excersaucer she really likes it. So lets hope we can use that while moving. Also Ella is rolling all the time...it is cute...perfect time to move...we can babyproof the whole house. Yeah!! :) Chloe will be starting kindergarten in about 6 weeks...crazy....I will have a child in school...everyday...from now on for a LONG time!! It is crazy how fast they grow!! :)

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