Monday, June 1, 2009

update on chiropractor

Mommy wearing her baby, Ella loves the baby Ktan.
Chloe and her friends climbing on hay barrels.

Daddy with his little girl!

Mommy and Chloe playing mini golf at the farm.

So we were seeing a new chiro, because of insurance reasons. Well we saw the new lady twice and Dan came the second time to see the new lady. Well Ella screamed the whole time while she did what she does and when we left Dan was like I will let you go see the chiro that I love. So I was excited and saw her again on Friday. I love her, she does an amazing job and is very personable. Well Ella seems to keep on getting better and on Wednesday our whole family sees the AWESOME chiro, Dr. Katy! I will update how that goes. This weekend was really nice. On Saturday an old friend of mine who used to nanny Chloe from one to two and a half, came over to visit. Her oldest son is Chloe's good friend, and she has a ten month old and is pregnant. She is so cute pregnant. Well it was really nice to see them. Then on Sunday, we went to church and then Chloe was invited to a birthday party from a friend from preschool. We were all invited. It was at a farm. Chloe got to ride a horse and there were goats, lambs, donkeys, chickens, llamas, cats, dogs, and tons of horses. The weather was perfect, and it was such a blast.

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