Monday, June 22, 2009

How to calm a baby that won't calm

So today was the first day that Ella was SO fussy!!! Nothing worked with her today...I have not had that feeling yet of not knowing how to soothe my own baby. It was very frustrating not knowing. I hope it was just a fluke and tomorrow will be a great day with her. I left for a couple hours today with Chloe to take her to her first soccer practice and then the grocery store. Ella was home with daddy. It was a much needed little break even though I was worried and for some reason felt bad that daddy had to take care of the crying babe! I do not know why I felt like that. He is a very capable dad...I just guess with breastfeeding I can usually calm her. That is another she ate ALL day long!!! I was trying to leave to run errands in the morning and I felt like everytime I was ready she would eat and then nap. I did not want to wake her so I let her sleep..then she would wake up and then eat again...uggh...yeah it was hard but like I said before tomorrow WILL be better even if she is fussy I will be prepared :) Also tomorrow we are going to the splash pad with some friends. It has been like 93 degrees this week and we need some pool time!! Yeah Chloe and I are excited!! Summer is here!! Chloe had her soccer thing at the YMCA and she did so great!! They just practiced kicking the ball and throwing it over hand...she looked so cute!! I love her so much!! She is getting so old...we are able to talk like she is a bigger kid all of a sudden. She is SO smart!! I love both of my amazing children and it will be so fun to see them play together!! Everyone find some ways to stay cool this week with the awesome heat wave!! :)

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  1. I hope you win the New Native, it has been my savior on days like these!