Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The whole Fam saw the chiro today we all saw Ella's chiropractor. I love her and she does any amazing job. I recommend anyone and everyone to see one. I read a magazine on chiro care and really it helps your whole being. It really is crazy. Also we had Ella's 4 month check up. She is 25 and a quarter inches tall, and weighs almost thirteens pounds, at 12. 6 lbs. So she is growing :) I also told her ped. that we have seen a chiro for her acid reflux problem and that she is off meds and that we are not going to vaccinate Ella for now. Oh my, it was not fun. She went off on the vaccine issue and told me reasons why the chiro worked. Well she has her opinion and so do I. Anyways, we are going to the "cottage" next Friday. We are all getting excited. The cottage is a cabin that Dan's whole family rents out every year for a week and all the cousins and everyone go. It is a great time and a great cheap vacay. The kids love it too. They are outside the whole time, and just play in the water and sand. Well once we go and come back I will post pics.


  1. We also do not vaccinate and have a couple run ins with doctors because of it! They can be so judgmental. I am always looking for good information -- any suggestions?

  2. I do not really have any advice, except that they are very persistant and kept bugging us about it and we just stood our ground. :)