Sunday, June 28, 2009

Mystery!!! Ella has had blood in her stools again!! Ahh....she has been really fussy while she has had bloody stools almost everytime she poops. The doctors do not seemed too concerned....but I am frustrated not knowing. I just want to know if its a big deal or not. It bothers me especially since she has been fussy as well. We went up at church to have someone pray for her... and every since that earlier today she seems alot better....lets hope for a miracle!!! She still has blood, but not fussy at all today...praise God!! So I am hoping God answered our prayers and if not I will be ok with that....just trying to figure our mystery baby out!! That is what everyone calls her, even her own pediatrician and that was even before the bloody stools!! We had a wonderful weekend. On Friday Chloe, Ella and I went to the pool with our friends Emarie and her daughter Audrey and son Will. It was a good time and then Friday night we went to Olive Garden to celebrate Chloe's 5th birthday!! She picked it out. Then we went to DQ to get some star popsicles, cause momma can not have dairy :( Then on Saturday we went to my dads friends son graduation party. Chloe had a blast...there were alot of little kids her is so fun to watch her play with other kids. She is really nice to her friends!! Then on Sunday we went to church and then to Emarie's son Will's 1st birthday was a really good time. She did a really nice job as hostess and the party was alot of fun. :) Happy Birthday Will!!


  1. Hey Lady,
    Jut have a quick question: Is the blod in her stool bright red? if so it could be Anal fissures (chances are pretty high), they are very common in infants! If the blood is very dark and doesn't look fresh (that is when it becomes more of a concern), then it could be something more internal having to do with her intenstinal tract. anyway here is a quick article but if you have any questions let me know, or you can just google it :)
    Love you Hun,

  2. I would seek more information --- maybe a natural doctor -- I have come to learn to respect our gut feelings as parents -- if it is not right in your mind, please check it out -- you will be glad that you did. I also think that sometimes we get stuck with a doctor because we like them and they may be great but maybe not with all situation -- ask around, keep asking, until you have the information that makes you feel comfortable! Or at least that is my opinion!